Rebooked Rebooked is an Android and iOS app that rebooks cancelled appointments & no-shows for salons, medical & dental offices, and other service providers.
Stop The Denial #StopTheDenial was created to draw attention to the issues of climate change in a visual and concrete way.
Gaming Experiments Being a graphic designer is as much and exploration into the philosophies of design as it is to create visual's.
Data Visualization The New York Times, deconstructed and analyzed. How many ads are in there and what are they about.
2017 RISD Courses An interaction based experience that would give people a feel for the classes they would be taking.
Graphic Design Thesis What if programming were as easy as playing a game.
Four Haikus How do you convey the seasons of a place through color poetry and typography?
Icon Design A collection of pictograms designed for the noun project.
Red & Green How do you convey the complex emotions of a breakup, with simple shapes moving around a blank screen?
3D Works Collected 3D creations
Collected Works